Music Academy "Studio Musica"
Convenzionata con il Conservatorio "B. Marcello" di Venezia

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Welcome to the Music Academy "Studio Musica".

The Music Academy has three Departments (Classic, Jazz and Technology) as part of the recent reorganization process.
These Departments combine various but collaborative compentencies in order to build defined areas of research and teaching.

At "Studio Musica", students who share a passion for music collaborate with a faculty of active performers, composers, and scholars to study, perform, and explore music from the various historical periods and different cultural traditions.
During your time here we offer many ways in which you can participate in music activities.
What follows is information about a variety of things in which you might be interested:
- Instruments Courses,
- Ensembles (Classic and Jazz),
- Orchestra,
- Practice Rooms,
- Concerts,
- Masterclasses.

This dynamic environment is ideal for challenging yourself musically and intellectually, and fosters exceptional artistic and personal growth.

- outstanding, dedicated artist-teachers and scholars who encourage and inspire excellence and emphasize an accent on the individual,
- small class sizes and individual attention,
- fine ensembles that are an active part and include both music majors and non-majors.

Prospective students can easily arrange to visit classes, have a lesson and attend rehearsals.
Contact Professor Michele Della Ventura in the department of music to make an appointment for your visit.
The Secretary's Office offers extensive information about the Academy Courses.






Music Academy "Studio Musica"
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