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New Music Concepts 2020

Educational Design of Music and Technology Programs

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 7)
ISBN: 978-88-944350-3-0

Author(s): Susan Lewis

Abstract: Educational designers around the world have developed music and technology degrees of various types over the past 15 years; students have many options when selecting where and what to study. This is an outcome of strong industry interest in graduates trained in engineering and the arts, a growth in science/technology/engineering/arts/mathematics (STEAM) mindset, and student interest. Within this global ecosystem, music and technology programs have developed in different educational jurisdictions in an ad hoc fashion. The system is largely uncoordinated. There is ample room for collaboration and synergy to generate new opportunities for students. This paper surveys programs in music and technology at the undergraduate level to determine whether there are underlying commonalities among learning outcomes, and to identify future directions in programming. The first aim is to describe the learning outcomes associated with these degrees, then to compare them across different institutions. The results give educational and curriculum designers a broader context for designing new programs in music and technology and updating existing programs to stay current and relevant to students and industry.

Keywords: Educational design, Learning outcomes, Quality assurance, Undergraduate degree, Music and technology