Proceeding of the past Conferences /

Below you can read the papers of the past Conferences

Treviso, Italy, April 13-14, 2019

Keynote Lectures
Eduardo R. Miranda, Plymouth University, UK
Speech title: Cellular Automata Music

Stavros Ntalampiras, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
Transfer Learning: Introduction and Audio Signal Processing Opportunities



Sterling Ramroach, Patrick Hosein
Playlist Shuffling given User-Defined Constraints on Song Sequencing

M. Bercier
Perceptual foundations for a nonlinear asynchronous expression

Nikita Mamedov
A Mathematical Insight into Balakirev's Orientalism in Islamey

Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas
Generative Conceptual Blending of High-Level Melodic Features: Shortcomings and Possible Improvements

Adrian Robak , Wojciech Wieczorek
The use of virtual instruments in the process of creating a soundtrack with film music. Is this the twilight of film music played by man?

YenLun Peng, Haitao Zheng
MGTGAN:Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks for Symbolic Multi-track Music Genre Transfer

Ian Costabile
Kinetic Sound Art and the Sound Canvas

Dominik Phyfferoen
The Dagbon Hiplife Zone in Northern Ghana Contemporary Idioms of Music Making in Tamale

Jayaganesh Kalyanasundaram, Dr. Saroja TK
Raga classification in Indian Classical music - A generalized approach

Giovanna Carugno
The Music Education Project: a Training Activity for Future Teachers

Francisco L. Reyes
Laying the Foundation For the Inclusion of indigenous Music in Elementary and Secondary Puerto Rican Music Education