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11th International Conference on New Music Concepts

ICNMC aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of Music Studies, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

March 23-24, 2024     Treviso - Italy

Deadline: February 4, 2024



Oral Presentation

Brief discussion of a topic delivered to a group of listeners in order to impart knowledge or to stimulate discussion.
A related point is to clearly know what is the goal of the presentation. What do you want the audience to understand and remember about your work?
Delivering an oral presentation in conferences and meetings can seem daunting. However, if delivered effectively, it can be an invaluable opportunity to showcase your work in front of peers as well as receive feedback on your project.

Virtual Presentation

For presenters who will be unable to attend the conference in person will be provided a Virtual Online Presentation.
The ICNMC has therefore instituted a virtual presentation system to allow the authors of accepted papers the same publication opportunities as regular presenters. A research works submitted without the participant attending the conference in person, but presented via video conferencing are refereed and published (if accepted) in the conngress proceedings.
Virtual presentations will be played at the related session, and presenters will be connected via Skype. Thus, the audiences will be able to ask their questions to the presenter of the virtual presentation.
On the day of the conference, only the author whose turn it is to present will be contacted. The presenter is expected to be online on Skype at least 30 mins before the presentation.
The presenter should add following information to the registration form:
- Name Surname
- SKYPE address (the mail address to be contacted).

Poster Presentation

A Poster session is a one-to-one informal discussion between presenters and their audience.
A summary of a research in a visually engaging way that highlights the context of the work, method and results.A big piece of paper featuring the title, an introduction to the research, an overview of the novel experimental approach, the results in graphical form, some insightful discussion of aforementioned results, a list of previously published articles that are important for the research and some brief acknowledgement of the assistance and financial support from others.
The available board area for poster presentations is 80 cm (width) x 110 cm (height).
The author must provide your own poster. Scotch tape and the session paper designation sign will be provided by the Conference staff. The author has to set up your poster in the morning, and remove it at the end of the afternoon poster session.
One of the paper co-authors must be present and available for discussion at the afternoon poster session in order for that paper to be considered for publication in the conference proceedings.


A meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.
This Interactive Session is a time in which skills or concepts are taught, demonstrated, or explored. These sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes and should be structured so that some explanatory or introductory information is provided, with ample time for audience interaction, participation, and involvement.
Workshop Sessions involve extensive interaction between presenters and participants around an idea or hands-on experience of a practice. These sessions may also take the form of a crafted panel, staged conversation, dialogue, or debate – all involving substantial interaction with the audience.
All Workshop Session rooms are equipped with screens and data projectors. Conference delegates are asked to bring their own laptop computers. If you are a Mac user, please be sure to bring the correct Mac VGA adaptor.
If the author would like to provide handouts (perhaps summarizing background, methodology, or other information to supplement your presentation), 10-15 copies is a good estimate. Please note that there may not be printing or copying facilities on site, so please prepare these materials in advance of the conference.
All the accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings.