Keynote Speakers

10th International Conference on New Music Concepts

ICNMC aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of Music Studies, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

March 25-26 2023     Treviso - Italy

Deadline: January 22, 2023



Anna Jordanous
School of Computing, University of Kent, UK

Dr Anna Jordanous is a senior lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Kent. She is a member of the Computational Intelligence and Data Science research groups. Her research areas include computational creativity and its evaluation, music informatics, digital humanities, knowledge modelling, Semantic Web, and natural language processing. Primarily she works with computational creativity - the modelling, simulation or replication of creative activities and behaviour using computational means - with a focus on the question of how to evaluate claims of computer software being creative. As well as writing creative software to improvise music, Dr Jordanous has contributed a highly-cited standardised procedure for evaluating creative systems. She also uses music information retrieval and natural language processing in her work.


Mark R. H. Gotham
T.U. Dortmund, Germany


Elena Georgieva
New York University, USA

Elena Georgieva is a PhD student at NYU's Music and Audio Research Lab (MARL) working with Dr. Pablo Ripollés and Dr. Brian McFee. Before coming to NYU, Elena taught sound recording at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), where she received her master’s degree in 2019. At MARL, Elena works on human-centered MIR research with the MIR group and the Ripollés lab. So far, she has worked on projects related to hit song science, sound recording, vocal expression, computer music, and EEG. Elena has presented her work at the annual ISMIR, ICML, and NIME conferences, as well as at several universities and tech companies. In music, Elena is a singer and vocal producer and performs with several vocal groups. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA in Cognitive Science. .


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