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New Music Concepts 2015

Investigating Social Creativity and Concept Invention in Collaborative Musical Situations

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 1)
ISBN: 978-88-6551-188-6

Author(s): Danae Stefanou

Abstract: The paper outlines theoretical and methodological developments in the study of social creativity and collaboration, drawing on recent research in improvised music and collaborative mathematics. Creativity and invention are contextualized as social, distributed processes, epitomized in the field of collective musical improvisation. A set of investigative questions and methodologies under development are then outlined, drawing on work-in-progress examples from mathematics and music. Particular reference is made to FolioHarmonies, a short qualitative study documenting collaborative, open-ended problem-solving processes in the creation of original musical pieces.

Keywords: Collaboration, Graphic Notation, Conceptual Blending, Improvisation, Social Creativity