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New Music Concepts 2015

Cistercian Monastery of S. Bento de Castris, Evora, Portugal: Acoustic measurements under ORFEUS Project

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 1)
ISBN: 978-88-6551-188-6

Author(s): Joao Carlos Goncalves Lanzinha, Miguel Costa Santos Nepomuceno, Ana Maria Tavares Martins, Carla Patricia Lopes dos Reis, Albino da Ascensao dos Santos

Abstract: The Church of the Monastery of S. Bento de Castris in Evora (13th-19th centuries) presents an unusual space setting which seems to favour different positions for coral groups supporting liturgical and musical expression activities. These options are possibly of an empirical nature, since the scientific knowledge in the field of building physics and in particular of building acoustics are relatively recent. It is important to explore, with on-site measurements, the actual conditions of acoustic behaviour and in particular meet the reverberation times. Consequently, results obtained must be compared with the current recommendation for this type of space. This article characterises the Church in terms of its conception and its most relevant constructive aspects. The interest in measuring reverberation time, in this type of enclosed space, is also discussed. Such results of reverberation time measurements are presented and analysed for the different spaces of the Church. Finally, the fi

Keywords: Acoustics, Cistercian Architecture, Reverberation, S. Bento de Castris