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New Music Concepts 2016

Live Stream as an Additional method of Using Multimedia in Teaching Music History

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 2)
ISBN: 978-88-6551-221-0

Author(s): Zeljka Tonkovic

Abstract: I can hardly imagine today's music history education with methodological strategies I used to practice nearly forty years ago, when I started as a high school teacher of music history. Techno-logical advancement and achievement gradually offers new possibilities for presenting educational material: biographical outline of composers' lives, chronological tables, facts of historical and musical periods and styles including the other branches of arts, and finally, music literature. The base of all is in using Power Point (pptx, Prezi) audio visual methods, which include audio and video clips, electronic scores and other various multimedia learning materials. In addition to this, I discovered the benefits of concert and opera livestreams in an educational way, especially in presenting music literature. I owe my new teaching experience to the project of Digital Concert Hall of Berliner Philharmonic EXPLORE CLASSICAL MUSIC because, luckily, we were one of the 500 educational institutions in the world who were awarded, due to my application, free access per year to the Digital Concert Hall, the virtual concert hall of the Berliner Philharmonic, which includes 40 live streams and hundreds of concerts from their archive. The extraordinary quality of modern interpretation combines faithful sound and perfect video content, provides the actual feeling of being present, despite in-class listening. The score supported camera shoots are especially very useful in the educational manner. Also, it is very important to our students, and all of us, to realize this continuity which contributes to the highest standard of musical practice. Students were fascinated with interpretations and they perceived highest technology achievements which will become a basis of the musical future. In accordance to this, I'm looking forward to AV live stream possibilities from all over the world and I'm especially pleased to discover that more and more famous musical institutions are increasing their audience by using this broadcast.

Keywords: Multimedia, Music History, Live Stream, Teaching