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New Music Concepts 2016 (Hong Kong)

A generator/destructive method of sounds and images

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 3)
ISBN: 978-88-6551-221-0

Author(s): Guillermo Aymerich Goyanes

Abstract: The method starts linking painting with music, taking Chinese ethnomusical concepts depicted alongside Western solutions, by using Bayin principles focused on 8 timbres (tone colors). Building 8 sonorous paintings, neoinstruments subsequent to Ba?yi?n system to be percussed and recorded: the paint weathering. The 4 transdisciplinary formats resulting: a-Exhibition, b-Concert, c-Performance, culminating with d-”Microrobot ballet”, where the 8 swarm robotic variations/permutations conduct a new generation of paintings: music newly influenced by the new paintings. A generator device versus an erosive tactic. Music and painting mutual sustainability

Keywords: Bayin, music/painting sustainability, robots depicting, transdisciplinarity