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New Music Concepts 2016 (Hong Kong)

Modeling Lessons in Classical Ballet through Petri Nets

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 3)
ISBN: 978-88-6551-221-0

Author(s): Adriano Barate', Luca A. Ludovico, Andrea Piermattei

Abstract: Petri nets are a mathematical modeling language for the description of distributed systems. They are particularly effective to provide a synthetic, multi-layer graphical representation of processes, unveiling aspects such as iterative structures and concurrency. This paper aims to apply Petri nets to the formalization of a typical lesson in classical ballet. After analyzing the basic principles and the commonly accepted rules to structure a ballet class, we will define a net model that can be conveniently modified by changing either its initial marking or the network topology in order to take into account factors such as lesson duration, the age and skill level of dancers, etc. Such a model can be adopted also to automatically produce a lesson structure with customized features, as demonstrated by the final case study.

Keywords: Ballet class, modeling, Petri nets