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New Music Concepts 2017

Matrix System: A New Analytical Approach for Adapting the Use of Chords into Performing Techniques of the Baglama without Plectrum

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 4)

Author(s): Sinan Ayyildiz, Ahmet Ozan Baysal

Abstract: In last twenty years, performing techniques of the baglama without plectrum commonly called as selpe have come to fore in urban society of Turkey which had been forgotten during the Republic era. After the 1990s, under the influence of changing musical atmosphere, which was happened in Turkish Folk Music understanding, historical selpe tradition has evolved and dramatically changed in terms of musical use of the baglama with the synthesis of Westernization and traditionalism trends. With all these evolutions have occurred in the urban bag?lama music, one can be approached to the baglama and selpe techniques in a context of hybrid theoretical method towards this hybrid and "new" music tradition flourished in the urban. In this new hybrid theoretical method, Western instrumentation techniques such as the guitar's and the piano's, and the traditional theoretical approaches of the baglama can be combined in one original theoretical method, which belongs urban baglama music and its selpe techniques. Our study interrogates a new instrumentation method for selpe techniques under the influence of Western music theory, which could follow and reflect the baglama/selpe music of today. As a first step, a new possible method is going to be suggested for adapting the chords to use in the selpe techniques.

Keywords: Turkish folk music, selpe, baglama, chord