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New Music Concepts 2017

Samma'i Form with Piano Accompany in Romantique Style

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 4)

Author(s): Mayada Nabil Elkatatny, Heidi Wagih Moawad

Abstract: The idea of this research Build on Oriental music merge with its Unique Scales through the formulation of one of the most used Oriental Musical Samma’i form with piano accompanying and deal with Quarter tone .the distinctive character of Oriental music for Western music and the purpose of bringing concepts for the listener and devise formulas and new trends for accompany western instrumental piano with Oriental instrument (Oud) and enrich the attendant and Oriental stereotypes in a new Trends, Both researchers chose composing in this form with style Accompany with the era of romantic lyrical characteristics of Schubert pattern and the style performance of Chopin through rhythmic interviews and style of the time compensation and lyrical tunes set out in the accompanying piano . Which enriches of oriental forms by composing accompanying piano in the same style of Western forms and collateral between instruments such as cello and piano or violin and piano, and others. As Oriental music and its forms did not extend them by this way it is integrating Western Ages properties with Oriental music merge, which depends upon the idea of this research and presented by researchers through composing Samma’i form on the oud and piano accompaniment.

Keywords: accompan, oud, piano, Samma'i