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New Music Concepts 2018

Analysis of the musicians' preferences for the parameters of first sound reflections in rooms

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 5)
ISBN: 978-88-6551-278-4

Author(s): Adam Pilch, Krzysztof Krzyzek, Bartlomiej Chojnacki, Aleksandra Majchrzak, Monika Sobolewska, Katarzyna B

Abstract: To play music, musicians need to hear themselves well. In some cas- es, direct sound generated by the instrument is radiated equally in the direction of the performer as well as towards the listeners. However, for many instru- ments reflections from walls, ceiling or floor are essential for a musician to hear himself easily. Especially important are the proper delay and the amplitude of the sound first reflection. These parameters are essential to let the musicians create the best sound they can, and allow them sense properly the space where they are playing. The goal of the project was to define the ranges of the delay and the amplitude of the first reflection of sounds generated by musicians con- nected with specified player's impressions. Obtained values were compared with the preferences of the listeners defined earlier by different researchers.

Keywords: amplitude, delay, first reflection of sound, musician, stage