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New Music Concepts 2019

The use of virtual instruments in the process of creating a soundtrack with film music. Is this the twilight of film music played by man?

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 6)
ISBN: 978-88-944350-0-9

Author(s): Adrian Robak , Wojciech Wieczorek

Abstract: The authors want to examine the use of virtual instruments in the process of creating a soundtrack with film music on the example of the carried out research and experiments. The research focuses on the issue of substituting live orchestras with virtual instruments and whether it affects the emotions of the audience and their perception of the audio-visual narrative in the scene. During the research four research hypotheses were formulated and an experimental method and questionnaires were used. Survey questions were created in the context of the researched hypotheses. Experiments were carried out on two subgroups consisting of students. During the experiments the subgroups watched video clips with the same music but with soundtracks created with different production methods. One of them was the original soundtrack performed by the orchestra, the second one was the soundtrack created with virtual instruments. The results based on the numerical quantities, their verbal definitions, medians and means confirmed three of the four formulated hypotheses. The main conclusions are that virtual instruments produced in 21st century are able to replace acoustic instruments in creating film music soundtracks, allowing for an immersion in the world of film equally well as the acoustic instruments and strongly affect the emotions of the audience of the film. It can be assumed that the phenomenon described in the research is possible only with the combination of film and music.

Keywords: Film and Music, Music composition, Music and Psychology, Music synthesis and transformation, Acoustic and Psychoacoustics