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New Music Concepts 2019

Kinetic Sound Art and the Sound Canvas

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 6)
ISBN: 978-88-944350-0-9

Author(s): Ian Costabile

Abstract: This paper proposes a mixed-media format for the exhibition of spatial music and kinetic sound art in galleries. A sound canvas is a term suggested by the author to describe both its hybrid nature and that it is composed of the spatialisation of sound within a defined surface. The audience is positioned in front of the sound field to experience the artwork. These pieces are mostly comprised of an array of loudspeakers, a compact multichannel system, lights and sensors. This approach offers a range of possibilities to the field of composition and sound art, as it can be representative (e.g. soundscapes), performative, interactive or conceptual. Commentary on the techniques employed for designing compact multichannel systems is exposed and examples of results are given.

Keywords: mixed-media, kinetic art, sound art, sound spatialisation