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New Music Concepts 2020

Supporting Music Performance in Secondary School Ensembles through Music Arrangement

Part of the New Music Concepts book series (NMC volume 7)
ISBN: 978-88-944350-3-0

Author(s): Jihong Cai, Nikita Mamedov

Abstract: Music performance in educational settings has had a long history that spans through multiple eras and genres. In K-12 education, one of the primary objectives that schools have is to expand and diversify performance opportunities for students. Schools address the need for student-based performance opportunities through the creation of bands, orchestras, and a variety of ensembles. In a music curriculum, schools design performance-based music courses to cultivate students' talents. Due to complexities (such as funding and resources) that newlyestablished schools may face, the expansion of music ensembles can become an arduous process. This research discusses compositional approaches to diversify instrumental ensembles in K-12 education by adopting music arrangements to fit the musical needs of the students. This study exemplifies the musicological and analytical viewpoint of music adaptation in various music genres - popular, classical, and traditional, as well as pins emphasis on compositional arrangements through pedagogical outlook.

Keywords: Instrumental ensemble, K-12 education, Music arranging, Music performance.