Proceeding of the past Conferences /

Below you can read the papers of the past Conferences

Treviso, Italy, March 20-21, 2021

Keynote Lectures
Caroline Stockman, University of Winchester, UK
Human-Technology Integra_on in Digital Educa_on: during and beyond the COVID pandemic

Rachelle Dene Poth, Spanish and STEAM Teacher, EdTech Consultant, USA
Immerse Students in Learning with AR/VR and AI

Axel Roebel, IRCAM Paris, France
From Noise to Singing - Deep Neural Networks for Music Genera_on

Dominik Phyfferoen, Department of Cultural Anthropology, University of Ghent, Belgium
The Sahelian Factor in the music of Northern Ghana



Yan-Ru Lai, Alvin Wen-Yu Su
Deep Learning based Detection of GPR6 GTTM Global Feature Rule of Music Scores

Carlos I. Nieblas
Detection of Trumpet Signals Using Molecular Gabor Dictionaries and Matching Pursuit Algorithm

Nikita Mamedov
Rhythmic and Motivic Symmetry in Prokofiev's Precipitato from Piano Sonata No. 7 Op. 83

Elijah E. Racz, Timothy Y. Hsu
Experimental Design for Flexible Acoustic Transducer for the Violin

Bhawna Rathi, Timothy Y. Hsu
A Pilot Study for Algorithmic Diction Detection for Use by Singers and Vocal Teachers

Amir Ahmad Javadi, Mamoru Fujieda
The Study of the Color in Music and Rug and their Relationship

Reiko Yamada, Albert Aloy, Maciej Lewenstein, Luca Barbiero, Samuele Grandi, Gorka Munoz-Gil
Applications of Quantum Randomness: From Rabi Oscillations to Fourier Axis Controlling the Musical Timbre

Jason Palamara, Scott Deal
Behavior Modes for Machine-Learning Enabled Performance Technologies