Proceeding of the past Conferences /

Below you can read the papers of the past Conferences

Treviso, Italy, March 5-6, 2016

Keynote Lectures
Steven Jan, University of Huddersfield UK
Speech title: The Two Brothers: Reconciling Perceptual-Cognitive and Statistical Models of Musical Evolution

Linda Corrin, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, Australia
Speech title: Music, pedagogy and innovation: new trends in educational technology and their role in music education



Aurelien Antoine , Eduardo Miranda
A User-Centric Algorithmic Composition System

David Purcell
B(e) Here Now – Further Realities and Potential for e-learning

Bahia Galal Al Ekhrity
E-learning and its effectiveness in improving The Performance of Techniques and Skills of playing the piano

Mary K. French
Virtual Music Classrooms via Incubation Theory: Case Studies and Research

Adriano Barate', Luca Andrea Ludovico, Giuseppina Rita Mangione
A Web Framework to Develop Computational Thinking through Music Coding

N. Bonet, A. Kirke, E.R. Miranda
Blyth – Eastbourne – Wembury: Sonification as a compositional tool in electroacoustic music

Paulina Tendera, Wojciech Rubis
World Music: a transcultural phenomenon

Mary H. Cui, Don Knox, Michael O. Agyeman, Raymond MacDonald
A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Music in History: Language, Health and Art Implications

Mary H. Cui, Don Knox, Michael O. Agyeman, Raymond MacDonald
Role of Music in Clinical Acupuncture: A Cross Cultural Investigation

Thassilo Gadermaier, Maarten Grachten, Carlos Eduardo Cancino Chacon
Basis-Function Modeling of Loudness Variations in Ensemble Performance

Gabriel Rimoldi, Joonatas Manzolli
Enactive framework for design of Digital Music Interfaces

Andrea Asztalos
Importance of vocal warm-ups in children's choir rehearsals in Hungarian Music Primary Schools

Zeljka Tonkovic
Live Stream as an Additional method of Using Multimedia in Teaching Music History

Mayada Gamal El Deen Aly Aghaa
An innovative way to teach the Arabic music analysis of the freshman students through e–Learning