Proceeding of the past Conferences /

Below you can read the papers of the past Conferences

Treviso, Italy, March 7-8, 2015

Keynote Lectures
Emilios Cambouropoulos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Speech title: Harmonic Representation, Learning and Creativity

Goffredo Haus, Università degli Studi di Milano Italy
Speech title: Multilayer Music Encoding And Interaction: Exploiting Music Cultural Heritage

Moreno Andreatta, IRCAM-CNRS-UPMC, Paris, France
Speech title: Mathematical models of popular music concepts: algebra and geometry in the service of songs

Michele Della Ventura, Accademia Musicale Studio Musica, Treviso, Italy
Speech title: Detection of Historical Period in Symbolic Music Text



Sarah Reid
Approaching Interdisciplinary Process Through Collaborative Engagement, Communication and Play

Joao Carlos Goncalves Lanzinha, Miguel Costa Santos Nepomuceno, Ana Maria Tavares Martins, Carla Patricia Lopes dos Reis, Albino da Ascensao dos Santos
Cistercian Monastery of S. Bento de Castris, Evora, Portugal: Acoustic measurements under ORFEUS Project

Alexander M. Putman, Robert M. Keller
A Transformational Grammar Framework for Improvisation

Jan-Torsten Milde
Controlling Sound Parameters Using Natural Language Expressions

Stefano Alessandretti
Abstraction of a real-time granulation system built into the Max/MSP environment

Radha Manisha, Navjyoti Singh
Timbre Space Model of Classical Indian Music

Sergio Giraldo, Rafael Ramirez
Performance to Score Sequence Matching for Automatic Ornament Detection in Jazz Music

Danae Stefanou
Investigating Social Creativity and Concept Invention in Collaborative Musical Situations

Francisco Bernardo, Pedro D. Pestana, Luis G. Martins
The Smart Stage: Designing 3D interaction metaphors for immersive and ubiquitous music systems